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Our clear next goal, The Colfax Pavilion

  • In the space to the East of Bumper’s Pub, where the Hardware store once stood, sits another empty lot on Main Street, which we wanted to rectify.

  • Our board conceptualized the idea for the “Colfax Pavilion”. A space that can host Farmer’s Markets, Concerts, family reunions, and so much more right in the heart of our community.

  • To raise money for this effort, we launched the “50-50” club, which would see 50 graduates of each Octavia and Ridgeview donate $1,000, to raise the capital needed for the concrete, the pavilion, and all associated costs. When donating, folks are able to get a paver in front of the pavilion, with their names, honoring their donation.

  • At date, we have raised over $40,000 but are still $60,000-plus short on the project, with the inflated costs of COVID hurting our efforts on materials.

  • We have spent over $26,000 at present on concrete and materials to get the baseline laid, and the community rallying around excitement for the project.

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