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Donations make our projects possible!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Your support of the Colfax Restoration Project will benefit our community for years to come.

The Colfax Restoration Project was formed in June, 2017 by a group of people interested in revitalizing and preserving the town of Colfax, Illinois.

The organization will form sub-committee's to oversee beautification, construction, fundraising, etc. ... all aimed at restoring this small Midwestern town.

The process may not be easy, but through hard work, good volunteers and donors it can be done!

The Colfax Restoration Committee was formed in hopes of revitalizing and preserving Colfax, Illinois.

This is a long-term goal we can achieve!

If you would like to contribute to the project, Donations are encouraged via our website, or via check to Colfax Restoration Project at People's State Bank or mailed to Colfax Restoration Project 14 Rosewood Ct. Bloomington, IL 61704.

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